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Network Marketer Educational Course

with international Certificate
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According to the frequent requests of esteemed ones of Afghans to enjoy the training courses of skills of network marketing, the  Baadraan company is proud to announce that the we have designed a comprehensive training system for well-being of loved ones in order to help them easily access the concepts and scientific basics of network marketing.
The term said (named the Network Marketer) consists of basic knowledge and skills required by the network marketing distributors. The benefits of this course can be referred to as the following:
  • Receiving the Skill Certificate from the Iranian Technical and Professional Organization
  • The certificate is well-established internationally which has an international standard code as ISCO 2008 from International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • The certificate is translatable and authentic for taking careers in over 180 countries
  • Sending a formal application by the Baadraan Company to the Foreign affairs Ministry to expedite the issuance of Iran visa of the applicants
Condition of taking participation in above courses:
All Afghans residing in Afghanistan and Iran are allowed to participate in this course. The registration can be taken place by refering the website .................... It's possible. The applicants can can participate in final exams buying and observing online videos and educational contents and after they've announced their readiness in the following conditions:
 They refer to the central office of the Baadraan company  (Baadraan Business Training School) located in Tehran, Iran, and meanwhile they participate in a pre-test preparation seminar- having breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack-, they will be introduced for final theory and practical exam. Then, after their approval, they will awarded a certification of network marketing skills.
Note 1) All enrollment fees in exam and issuance of certificate, or participation in one-day pre-test preparation seminar will be paid by Baadraan Business Training School.
Note 2) Transportation and accommodation expenses in Iran for the Afghan residents should be paid by the trainee.
Attention: Enrollment fees in the training course is 100 euro, which 80 euro must be paid at the time of the registration by  Boost Cards, and remaining 20 euro will be paid after presence in Iran, and before participating in the test and seminar.
Enrollment method using a Boost Card:
In order to enroll the training course and paying the initial part of the registration fee, please refer to the Afghan website, enter "Store", and choose the course "Network Marketer". By referring to your shopping cart, choose "In-person Delivery" as your favorite delivery method, then select the payment method as "Pay via Boost Card".
As the payment done, a registration code (100% discount coupon) will be issued to your name and displayed. This code will be stored in your messages as well.
In order to use the course, please refer to the Baadraan Virtual Training Center website with the address as lms.baadraan.ir and enroll your name. For enrolment, you have to enter the division "Courses" and choose the course "Network Marketer". For payment, you may enter the code delivered to you while initial registration.

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